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Back Pain Treatment in Morley

Back pain can come on suddenly and feel intense or even crippling. It’s common for people to end up in the emergency department, only to be told there’s nothing the doctors can do.

We’ve seen a lot of back pain at Morley Chiropractic. Chiropractor Dr Fico will start by using X-rays or CT scans to provide an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, pain is related to disc herniation or joints in the spine becoming locked up and inflamed due to stress and overwork. It may also be a simple case of a strained muscle.

Most patients benefit from adjustments and mobilisation. We may also use dry needling to settle down any muscle spasms, or we might tape up the back to protect and support the muscles as they heal.

Working From Home the Healthy Way

If you don’t have a proper office setup, hunching over the kitchen table or sofa adds stress on your back and neck, resulting in injury and discomfort. We’ll teach you some tips for better ergonomics, like not bending forward or looking down at a screen.

It’s important to keep your feet flat on the floor, sit with a straight back, and get up frequently. If you work from a laptop, you might try raising it on a stand so it’s at eye level. You may also need a cushion behind your low back to maintain the correct curve in your spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect relief?

For most patients, it takes a few days for pain to settle down. After just one adjustment, however, you should be able to move around a lot better, which makes pain easier to deal with.

Can chiropractic help with disc problems?

We see disc bulges, herniated discs, and slipped discs all the time. You’re free to go on enjoying your regular activities as much as you can while we help you find relief from sciatic pain and muscle spasms.

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