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New Patients at Morley Chiropractic

We look forward to welcoming you to Morley Chiropractic, and we’ll be ready to greet you with a friendly smile and help you with any paperwork. We’ll give you a bit of a tour of our office, show you where you can make a cup of coffee and explain everything you can expect at your initial appointment.

Our Fees

We want people to get the natural healthcare they need to live their best lives, so our fees are quite competitive. Our new patient fee is $80 and includes your entire first visit.

Your First Visit

After your tour, our staff will take you into an exam room. Dr Fico (Chiropractor) will join you and take some time getting to know you and listening as you describe your current health situation, previous history of accidents or injuries and your goals for care.

Then he’ll conduct a thorough examination, which will include a postural analysis, range of motion assessment, muscle testing and nerve testing. If it’s appropriate, you may receive a chiropractic adjustment or other healing therapies at this visit. In some cases, Dr Fico may feel that imaging such as X-rays or MRIs are needed before he can proceed with care. In those situations, we will refer you out for the imaging.

We suggest planning on about 30-45 minutes for this visit.

Your Second Visit

When you return, Dr Fico will go over his complete report of findings, explaining what’s going on with your health, his working diagnosis and how he thinks our care can help.

He’ll answer any of your questions, make sure he understands your goals and give you an idea of how many visits may be needed to achieve those goals. Then, if you’re ready, we’ll get started with your unique care plan.

Book In Today

Contact us today or use our convenient online booking system to schedule your first visit.

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