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Exercise and Rehabilitation in Morley

person during physical therapyExercise and rehabilitation play an integral part in the recovery process. When you’ve been injured or experienced a subluxation, your body responds by compensating and creating movement patterns to protect the injured area. This can result in muscle tightness, imbalances and joint restrictions that need to be addressed in order for you to achieve optimal healing.

At Morley Chiropractic, we incorporate exercise and rehabilitation as part of our comprehensive approach to helping you optimise your health and function in a natural, drug-free way.


Strengthening and Stretching

Over the course of your customised care plan, we will identify any weakness, muscle or joint issues that may be improved with the help of specific exercises. We’ll show you how to do the exercises designed to stretch or strengthen, depending on your needs. These can be done in your home.


Dr Fico adjusting patients arm

First Things First

Patients often want to start exercising right away to rebuild strength. Our experienced chiropractor, Dr Fico, has a background in science education, and he explains that in the beginning phases of care, your body needs to focus on healing. As we help reduce pain and restore mobility, your structures need time to get back into proper alignment, reduce swelling and inflammation and begin to heal.

After a week or two of chiropractic care, most people are at the stage where their pain and inflammation are gone or greatly reduced. Once we get to this point, we can begin the process of rehab.

For athletes or anyone looking for natural help with chronic pain, sports injuries or other long-term health conditions, we can provide a customised rehab program tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

Before you receive any care in our office, Dr Fico will conduct a thorough consultation and examination to enable him to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain or other symptoms. Based on his years of clinical experience, he will design a care plan to address your unique needs. Exercise and rehab may be part of your personalised approach.

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