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Posture in Morley

Illustration of woman's spineWhen you look in the mirror, do you appear strong and confident, with your shoulders back and your head high? Good posture has a huge effect not only on how you look and feel about yourself but also on your overall health. As we work with you to relieve pain and improve your wellness, we’ll help you correct any structural imbalances that have been holding you back from feeling your best.

Staring With a Detailed Analysis

Our chiropractor, Dr Fico, does a thorough postural analysis during every patient’s initial consultation to determine whether any poor physical habits are leading to misalignments. For example, you might have one chronically tight shoulder you’ve never noticed, or a pelvis that’s higher on one side than the other. We’ll take a look at everything from your head, neck, shoulders, and hips to whether you’re carrying your upper back forward and if you have scoliosis, or a curve in your spine.

Once we have a good understanding of your condition, we’ll explain in detail what we’re seeing and how posture is affecting your functioning. We can show you exactly what your posture looks like using a chart on the wall so you understand the effects of posture, like rounded shoulders that lead to painfully tight muscles in the front.

Our Thorough Approach

Regular chiropractic adjustments are essential to get your body back on track again. Our team at Morley Chiropractic will help improve your alignment and relieve any structural problems we’re seeing, restoring nerves to optimal health and reducing the symptoms you’ve been feeling as a result.

During your appointment, we’ll talk with you about lifestyle changes you can focus on to improve your health. How you walk is just as critical as how you stand and sit. By providing personalised, step-by-step guidance on how to make sustainable changes, we make healthier rhythms doable until you don’t even have to think about them anymore.

Taping woman's shoulder

Comprehensive Care for Whole-Body Health

In some cases, poor posture may be the result of an underlying condition, like scoliosis or muscle spasms pulling your spine to one side. Dr Fico will start by identifying the root cause of your health problem and figuring out how we may help you achieve long-term health.

For some patients, that includes using a heel lift on one side to help level out your legs and straighten your pelvis. We offer a range of therapies and supportive services, including dry needling, Kinesio Taping®, the Graston Technique, and rehabilitation, and we’ll combine techniques as necessary to get you the results you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you correct posture issues like scoliosis?

In most cases, we can’t fix long-standing problems overnight, since any posture issue has accumulated over a long period of time. With enough care, however, we can relieve and improve a wide range of issues.

Does everyone need posture correction?

Posture analysis is one of the most fundamental aspects of our approach to care, as it can impact you both now and in the future. We’ve found that most patients benefit from making simple posture changes with far-reaching effects.

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