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Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment in Morley

Woman holding her neckIf you find yourself looking at your phone a lot, you’re at risk of developing significant neck pain. A condition we call “tech neck” is becoming increasingly common as people are constantly on their phones, causing the healthy curve in the neck to straighten up a bit. This postural issue reduces the natural movement within the joints and puts an added strain on the muscles, resulting in pain and lack of mobility.

Your head weighs as much as a bowling ball, but the neck bones that hold it up are very small. Constantly holding your head forward puts an immense strain on your vertebrae. Chiropractic may help restore proper motion and curve into the spine, reduce the strain on joints and muscles, and relieve pain.

Easy Answers for Tough Pain

At Morley Chiropractic, we see many patients with torticollis, or difficulty turning your neck in one direction. Many patients wake up one day with unexpected stiffness or move a particular way and suddenly experience tension. Some people go to the emergency department with their head on their shoulder, locked up joints, huge muscle spasms, or difficulty turning their head to one side.

While the medical system often struggles to provide a solution to pain, we can give a quick and accurate diagnosis before diving straight into care. During your first visit, we’ll improve your range of motion. It may take a few days for pain to ease. By following through with exercises and stretches we’ll teach you at the office, you can speed up your recovery time.

Whole-Body Care Starts With the Neck

Neck pain can cause a range of surprising symptoms. Any inflammation in the joints causes nearby muscles to spasm as they try to protect that joint. You may feel this combination of joint pain and muscle spasm in the neck, shoulder, or back.

Swelling may also cause pressure on nerves that affect muscles and organs throughout your body. Inflamed nerves may cause referred pain that runs down one arm, numbness and tingling in your fingers, or even dizziness. Chiropractor Dr Fico often reminds our patients that the site of pain isn’t usually where the problem started. Everything is interconnected, so it’s important to track down the source of the issue in order to clear up symptoms.

Man holding his shoulder

Finding the Cause of Shoulder Issues

Most shoulder pain is a direct result of a problem in the neck that extends down into the shoulder. Spasms in the upper trapezius and other muscles involved in the rotation of your arm may make it difficult to move your arm.

Many of our patients come in with bursitis of the shoulder, which is inflammation of fluid-filled bags as a result of overuse, misaligned joints, or muscles not working properly. Our care helps reduce that inflammation to get you out of pain and moving easily again.

Our Approach to Care

We respond to neck and shoulder pain with a comprehensive plan of care including adjustments and soft tissue work. There’s a lot of muscle involvement in the upper trapezius and shoulder muscles. For many patients, we’ll use dry needling and Kinesio Taping® to alleviate pain. We may also use the Graston Technique to relieve muscle spasms.

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