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Sleep Troubles in Morley

How you sleep has everything to do with how you feel the next day. Our comprehensive approach to care addresses every factor that could be contributing to pain, including whether you’re getting enough rest at night and if any posture issues could be affecting your health.

Helping You Unlock Better Rest

During your appointment, we’ll ask about your sleep position and whether you’re waking up refreshed, or still exhausted. We generally recommend sleeping on your side or back, as sleep posture has a huge effect on your joints. Stomach sleepers often end up with neck and low back pain, while shoulder issues can result from tucking your arm under the pillow or stretching it up over your head.

Good sleep hygiene starts a few hours before you go to bed. Chiropractor Dr Fico will coach you on developing a healthy bedtime routine. It’s essential to reduce your screen time at night. The bright lights emitted from screens trick your brain into thinking it’s earlier in the day and make it harder for you to settle into the deep REM sleep that gives your body and brain a chance to heal and reset after a long day.

Contoured Pillows for Neck Relief

Where you’re sleeping plays a critical role in how easy it is for you to drift off and whether you’re setting your body up for pain. We sell extremely comfortable pillows that provide ample neck support to help you keep your joints in proper positioning overnight.

It’s easy to hold onto an old pillow for far too long without even thinking about it. Over time, however, your pillow becomes worn down and is no longer able to provide the support you need. Using a right-sized pillow that keeps your head from being either under- or overstretched makes all the difference for your overall wellness. You want to wake up each morning feeling fresh, instead of starting the day already sore and frustrated.

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